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Hi, I’m James and I’ve worked in the web dev industry for over 6 years, starting via the SEO industry. I have experience in WordPress developing themes using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and site builders like Elementor. I also have experience in WordPress plugin development. An example is the button above marked “Free Elementor Widget” where I made a slider for Elementor but it installs as a WordPress plugin. Feel free to click through to see how that works. Please read on for my portfolio and work experience.

Please note that I’m not a web designer, if you need one I can source one for you. Otherwise I can work with templates and a bit of direction. Thanks.

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Heating Oil

This site was created using WordPress and the site builder Elementor. Designs were supplied using Figma. The website link uses the archive.org reference to show the original design. The work was done whilst I was with CTi Digital, based in Manchester.

Heating Oil site (via archive.org)


Burgen Bread

This site was created using WordPress and the Timber plugin. Designs were supplied via Figma. The work was done whilst I was with CTi Digital, based in Manchester.

*Timber is a WordPress plugin that uses the Twig templating language – see here

Burgen Bread


Scottish Fuels

This site was created using WordPress and the site builder Elementor. I came in partway through the site build to finish off after another developer left the project. The work was done whilst I was with CTi Digital, based in Manchester.

Scottish Fuels


Affordable Art Fair

I worked with the PHP team, at the Manchester based digital company CTi Digital, to help build the Exhibit with Us page, Exhibitor Hub and Interested in Exhibiting pages using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and the current WordPress theme.

Affordable Art Fair – Exhibit with us page

Affordable Art Fair – Express Interest page


Work Experience

Twig Developer (Freelance) – Upwork: Nemaa Theme

May 2024 – Present

– First exposure to the Salla Marketplace & Twilight (similar to Shopify)
– Use of Github to make branches to bug fixes
– Frontend bug fixes to the Nemaa theme
– Use of Trello to keep track of bug fixing status with client
– Technologies: Twig, Tailwind CSS, SCSS & Javascript

PHP Developer – Mosquito/CTi Digital

May 2017 – February 2024

– Completing support tickets to help fix bugs/add functionality via Jira
– Collaborating with team members to develop functionality with websites
– Collaborating with team members to build websites & ecommerce sites with WordPress, Magento 2 & Shopify
– Wrote a couple of plugins for WordPress and Elementor
– Customising WordPress themes to add functionality
– Made new WordPress site builds with ACF to make Gutenberg blocks
– Made new WordPress site builds with Elementor site builder
– Use of Github & Gitflow for website update tracking
– First exposure to Moodle LMS by building a WordPress & Moodle site
– Updated the company website built on Hubspot
– Technologies: Github, Jira, WordPress/Timber, WordPress/Elementor, Shopify, Liquid, Hubspot, SCSS, JQuery, Moodle and Magento 2.

SEO Executive – Coffeepot Digital

January 2014 – April 2017

– Local SEO techniques for ranking in Google Business verticals
– Keyword research & technical SEO
– Onsite/Offsite SEO
– Conversion Rate Optimisation in WordPress & Magento 1
– Technologies: Screaming Frog SEO, WordPress, Magento 1

Web Developer (Freelance) – Cube Creative

March 2013 – November 2013

– Made websites with in-house CMS utilising front end & back end development
– Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery.

SEO Specialist – EBS Marketing

October 2011 – February 2013

– Onsite/Offsite SEO
– First exposure & use of conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
– Use of front end development skills for technical SEO

Senior SEO Technician – Net66

March 2010 – August 2011

– Leading a team for SEO
– Programmatic SEO
– Keyword Prominence & devaluation
– Onsite/Offsite SEO
– Social media updates & blog updates for the company/brand
– Old school link building (niche directories etc)
– CMS Knowledge (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc)
– Front & back end development skills for technical & Programmatic SEO
– Technologies: PHP, Regex, HTML, SEOmoz, SEOQuake

Front end Developer (XHTML/CSS) – Webasoft

August 2009

– Collaborating with the team to help develop Clubdb8 (now unavailable) using XHTML/CSS.
– Technologies: XHTML, CSS, ASP.NET

Website Development/SEO – MailSure IT

May 2009 – August 2009

Making necessary additions to the website and utilizing white hat search engine optimization techniques to increase MailSure’s ranking. Using Classic ASP/MS Access back-end to create more internal links for MailSure’s website.

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